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global_agents_200_200Applications for the 6th Award (2014) officially closed on 31 December 2013. Nominations were received from 47 countries, with many countries represented by multiple nominations. Once again, more nominations were submitted than at any time in the Prize's history.

All of these nominations are now undergoing the first step of a rigorous three-tiered international referee process, a process which will conclude in October 2014 with the Prize Council's official announcement of the Prizewinners for the 6th Award.

The Awards ceremony for the 6th Award will be held near the end of 2014.

Meanwhile, nominations have opened for the 7th Award (2016).

Nominations can be made online at the PSIPW website.


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The International Water Portal aims at gathering together all leading researchers, university departments, and research organizations working in water-related fields. Our vision is for the Portal to be a reservoir of information, a community, and a forum where organizations and specialists can share their knowledge and keep abreast of news and events in their areas of specialization.
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Benefits of Membership

1. Full access to the water portal
2. The ability to access and share selected research that the portal makes available.
3. A personal page on the database where each member can update information,
upload notices, and share research.
4. Access to exclusive research opportunities.
5. Exclusive opportunities to act as a referee for research and scientific awards.

Membership Eligibility

Membership is open to researchers, practitioners, organizations, and university departments working in water-related fields
The following applicants are welcome to apply:
1. Research organizations in water-related fields.
2. University departments specialized in water-related areas.
3. Individuals holding PhD or MSC degrees in a water-related field.
4. Individuals holding BS degrees in a water-related field who have made distinguished contributions.
5. Individuals or organizations specialized in space technologies, remote sensing, GIS or other technologies that can be applied to water research and management.
6. Other individuals who are engaged in water-related research, and whose applications are supported by a letter of recommendation from a current member of the Portal.

All membership applications will be evaluated by a panel of experts.

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